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Mental Health Treatment for Veterans

The HEROES Program, powered by the Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Center, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive, integrated treatment and recovery program, uniquely tailored to the needs of military members, veterans, and emergency and public safety professionals. Our mission is to support those who serve, offering a continuum of care for substance use disorders and mental health challenges. We focus on fostering overall well-being through evidence-based treatments, holistic approaches, and a comprehensive community-focused support system, all rooted in our core values of compassionate care, respect, and a lifelong commitment to resilience and recovery.

Partial Hospitalization for Veterans and First Responders

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers a structured approach to addiction and mental health treatment, bridging the gap between inpatient care and outpatient services. Specifically designed for veterans, law enforcement personnel, and firefighters, our PHP provides a rigorous yet flexible treatment schedule. Participants benefit from comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care during the day, including individual therapy, group sessions, and educational and skill-building workshops, all focused on addressing the unique stressors and experiences that affect our heroes. With an emphasis on stability and continuity of care, partial hospitalization supports a smooth transition to everyday life, enabling service members to receive the intensive care they need while maintaining their connection to family and community.

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Emergency Services Personnel

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are ideal for veterans and first responders who require a focused treatment plan but also need the flexibility to attend to their daily responsibilities. Our IOP is tailored to support the recovery process while accommodating the unique schedules of front-line responders.  The HEROES Program is a pioneering approach to treating and supporting the mental health and well-being of those in high-intensity roles. We recognize the unique challenges faced by military personnel, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics. The stress and trauma encountered in their service often lead to mental health issues, including addiction and PTSD. Our program is a comprehensive approach to treating the whole human being, addressing both immediate and long-term needs. 

Treatment includes evidence-based therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), geared towards managing PTSD, addiction, and other mental health issues prevalent among emergency services personnel. The goal is to equip our clients with coping mechanisms and strategies that foster resilience, allowing them to thrive both in their professional roles and personal lives.

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Supportive Housing for Heroes in Recovery

Supportive housing is a cornerstone of our commitment to assisting veterans and first responders on their journey to recovery. Our facilities offer a safe and structured living environment that promotes sobriety, stability, and personal growth. Residents have access to ongoing support and counseling, peer-led activities, and community engagement opportunities, creating a nurturing atmosphere conducive to healing. For veterans and emergency personnel, this supportive setting is invaluable for transitioning from intensive treatment to independent living while maintaining a sober and healthy lifestyle.

Trauma Treatment Catered to Frontline Protectors

Understanding the critical impact of trauma, especially in the line of duty, our trauma treatment protocols are specifically designed for veterans and first responders. Utilizing modalities such as EMDR, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and somatic experiencing, we address the root causes of trauma-related disorders. Our skilled therapists create a safe space for police officers, firefighters, and military personnel to process and overcome their experiences, fostering post-traumatic growth and resilience. By prioritizing trauma treatment, we acknowledge the silent battles our protectors face and provide the tools for lasting recovery.

Psychiatric Care and Medication Management for Veterans and First Responders

Our psychiatric care services are tailored to meet the complex needs of veterans, police officers, firefighters, and their families. With an emphasis on comprehensive assessment and personalized medication management, our psychiatric professionals ensure that each individual receives the optimal treatment for their specific mental health conditions. We balance medication therapy with counseling and holistic approaches to support overall well-being. This integrative strategy is crucial for effectively treating service-related mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, ensuring our nation’s heroes receive the highest standard of psychiatric care.

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Bryan McCauley
Director of The HEROES Program

Some Words From the Director

My personal journey has been shaped by my service in the United States Marine Corps, as well as my experiences as a firefighter and then a police officer/ detective.  I transitioned from those front-line roles in 2019 and became the director of an addiction treatment program for veterans and first responders.  This position resonated deeply with my own recovery journey, which began in September 2010. 


My path to recovery included the benefit of treatment, which ignited my passion for helping others facing similar struggles.  With an understanding of the unique challenges faced by veterans and first responders, especially regarding the cumulative effects of trauma, I have committed my career to providing support and guidance to others.

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